Residential Property Managers Serving Lakewood Ranch, FL

We are located in Lakewood Ranch and serve the surrounding Sarasota-Bradenton metropolitan area

Our philosophy is simple: treat other people’s investment like it is our own.

Our team takes takes Suncoast property management very seriously. We understand the risks and potential rewards of being property owners because although we are property managers, we are also rental property owners. We know how important it is to know your investment property and tenants are taken care of.

We understand the the pain points on all sides of real estate.

Straight Forward Property Management

We believe in portfolio management – we are your one point of contact for every property-related need. Your property manager is the one showing the property, talking to potential residents, placing service requests, processing deposits, etc.

We believe in providing the best customer service, quality tenants, transparency, and convenience to our clients.

We provide our owners and residents with their own portal to access financial documents and inform us when there is a maintenance request.

We have a straight forward fee structure with no hidden fees and no money upfront. 

An All-in-one Residential Property Management Company

Suncoast Leasing and Management, we are the leading residential property managers in Lakewood Ranch, FL and the surrounding Sarasota area, and that’s because we invest in your success.

Our services can be understood through three stages.

Monthly Property Rent Collection

Mid-Lease Management

  • Move-in Inspections – We conduct move-in inspections with new tenants to note the condition of your property. We also conduct inspections before and after short-term guest reservations.
  • Coordinate Work – We make sure that all work orders, warranties, and maintenance requests get completed. Residents, guests and owners can submit maintenance request. We always follow our agreement with you to ensure we make the same choice you would make, and that it fits with the leasing and management agreements (between you and the tenant/guests and between Suncoast Property Management and you).
  • Rent Collection – We collect, deposit, and disburse rent and/or utility payments as due per lease or reservation agreement.
  • Accounting Records – We maintain accounting records relevant to the leasing and management of your home.
  • Point of Contact – We serve as the point of contact for all leases, reservations, and we also manage relations between guests, residents, and owners.

Pre-Lease Preparation

  • Professional photography – We coordinate professional photos on all properties that are under our management.
  • List and Market – We list and market your properties to potential tenants.
  • Inquiries and Showings – We respond to questions, schedule and conduct showings.
  • Vet Residents and Guests – We do credit and background checks, including contacting references and completing income verification.
  • Communication – When there are potential tenants for your property, your property manager will set up a time to discuss the specifics and help you decide which resident will best fit your situation. If your property is a short-term rental, we work with you to create a steady flow and time-saving method for approving guests.
  • Leases and Reservations – We put together leases and reservations for long-term residents and short-term guests.
  • Register Your Residence – In some places, your property needs to be registered with both the county and state for transient rental tax purposes. We tell you if this is necessary for where your property is located and can help get you the proper paperwork or…we even collect, file, and submit the transient rental taxes for each applicable reservation.
  • Rental Taxes – We collect, file, and submit your transient rental taxes for each applicable reservation (when required by the county and/or state).
  • Homeowner Association Paperwork – We file homeowner association paperwork and submit payment to register guests and residents with your community association.
  • Collect Funds – We collect required prepaid funds (per lease agreement) or reservation agreements.
  • Assist Residents – We provide residents with appropriate contacts for utility services to be transferred (when applicable).

Post-Lease Processing

  • Move-out Inspections – We conduct move-out inspections to ensure your property is in the appropriate condition. If problem(s) are found during the move-out inspection, we take proper measurements to ensure the tenant is held liable.
  • Professional Cleaning Service – We coordinate professional cleaning services between occupants.
  • Security and Damage Deposits – We handle the management and return of security and damage deposits as per Florida Law

Hire An Experienced Management Team

We have been successfully managing Suncoast rental properties for decades.. We are up to date on resident laws, regulations, and all local processes. At Suncoast Leasing & Management, we take the time to continually learn and educate ourselves on the current legislation and marketing trends in order to best serve you. We strive to reduce your liability, meet your rental income goals, and make sure your property is kept in good condition.

We know what it takes to make being a rental property owner a successful experience.

We look forward to partnering with you! Call today!