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Instant Property Availability Access

Thank you for looking at our available properties. Among the Lakewood Ranch rental companies, we are proud to provide our tenants and prospective tenants with easy online tools. You can now apply online, pay your rent online (no additional charge), submit maintenance requests online, or even text your requests to our office line.

Please take a look at our inventory below and click “Apply Now” under the desired property to start the application process.

Before you begin, please make yourself familiar with our rental guidelines. Read this information carefully to ensure your application is complete.

  • Please fill out application completely.
  • Pay application fee of $60 per each person over 18 years of age. Every person over 18 years old, who will be residing at the property MUST apply.
  • Please provide a copy of ID for each applicant. You will be able to drag and drop this during your online application process. Alternatively, you can email it to the showing agent, or text to our office.
  • Please provide proof of income: either last two paystubs, or for self-employed individuals either the last tax return or 3 months’ worth of bank statements. Additional income verification documents can be discussed with your showing agent. This too can be attached during the online application process or email to the showing agent.
  • Application approval process may take up to 72 hours. We will be researching your credit and criminal background, as well as rental references, employment and eviction records.
  • Upon your application approval, you will be required to sign the lease and pay your security and pet deposit online or in the form of a cashier’s check within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest in renting one of our properties, please take a look at the vacancies below and call us to schedule a showing.

Property Availability Calendar Guide:

●  Clicked the link to the availability calendar.

●  Choose either Turnkey/Furnished or Unfurnished Properties by clicking the associated

tab at the bottom left of the page.

●  Properties are listed by community.

●  The properties shown in the left column are fixed in place and show the address as well as the number of beds/baths, etc.

●  The top row in gray shows dates of availability per month, showing this year 2021 and next year 2022. To see months in the future, click on a space right of the property columns and then using your mouse or keypad, scroll to the right to see the available dates:

●  To see the details of the available property, hover the cursor over the property address. Click the property MLS link which will pop up.

●  Click the property address in the MLS screen for more details about the property and to view larger photos of the property.

●  To return to the availability calendar, click the X on the top left of screen to close the MLS tab.

Please note this is a “live” document. Refresh your screen for updates to the calendar as you view it for the most accurate view of available properties.

Please take a look at our inventory below and click “Apply Now” under the desired property to start the application process.


●  White background=Available

●  Number in a White background=Occupied through the date shown

●  Blue with no number=Occupied through the end of the month

●  Yellow-Pending lease

Bookings for seasonal rentals are open as of December each year.
Priority booking is offered to current seasonal guests booking 3 months or more.

Thank you for your consideration to partner with us for your Florida Suncoast property management! We look forward to hearing from you soon!