How to Increase Your (Rental) Property Value


You’re not charging the right price to rent your property. You should be charging more.

We’re going to teach you how.

To get more out of your property, you’ll need to make some key investments. Luckily with Florida leading the nation in rising rent rates, now is the perfect time to invest in your property for a high return. 

Suncoast Leasing & Management has been helping owners in Lakewood Ranch manage their properties for over a decade. We know the best ways to add value to your property and rent them for more. 

Don’t wait any longer, keep reading to learn how to significantly improve your property’s value. 

Consider Your Theme

Your property should not be trying to appeal to as many potential renters as possible. It should have its own personality and theme. 

Having a theme makes your property much more desirable for renters looking for a particular type of home. 

Rather than haphazardly mixing traditional elements with modern ones, lean into whichever you believe fits the local area best. Heated floors are a modern-day miracle, but they aren’t that useful in Florida. 

You want a high ROI, so there’s no reason to do a complete remodeling job. You should focus on accentuating what pre-existing charm your property already has instead. Highlighting features that add to the overarching theme will ensure more attention from renters looking for a place that’s just right.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Imagine a house. Are you imagining the inside or the outside?

When people imagine homes, they imagine lush green lawns with flowers. Anyone with experience managing properties will tell you how important first impressions are, and those impressions are made through pictures nowadays.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors found that 9 out of 10 home shoppers relied on pictures to make their decision. 

The easiest way to sell something to someone is to give them exactly what they want. So if all the data in the world points to needing beautiful curb appeal, you can be sure that it’s worth the effort.

Smart Appliances

As the number of millennials in the market continues to grow, so does the expectation of having a “smart” home. Refrigerators, cameras, coffee makers, and even shower heads can become a part of a home’s “smart” ecosystem.

The good news: Smart appliances are no longer expensive.

The great news: Over 80% of renters will pay extra for a house that has smart tech.

Adding a few smart appliances to your property remains one of the most valuable and straightforward decisions you can make before selling.

The Best Investment You Can Make

The above examples are all simple ways to improve your property’s value, but there are more extensive options. 

Finding a reliable appraiser, dealing with an investigator, and screening tenants are all crucial parts of protecting your investment. Unfortunately, the best options are also the most complicated. 

You’ve worked hard to buy your property, you shouldn’t have to work hard to manage it. 

Leave that to us. 

We help owners turn their rental property entirely passive, making your life easier and more profitable.

Start letting your property do the work, and call us now at 941-993-2020 for a consultation and free quote!

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